Sunday, November 1, 2009

And Then it was Halloween!!

On Thursday morning I headed out for my morning walk at about 6:30am......When I got to the A row - Jack and Diane were just getting ready to head out - on their way to Orlando. We just met them for the first time this year and have truly enjoyed the time we spent with them both on and off the courts. They'll be back in the park on November 19th. Can't wait - They do great Happy Hours!!! We will miss them. Buddy and Brenda alreay left - so there are only a few players left in the park. But Rich and Dee and Travis were still here - so we had a few good games that morning.

Out for a bike ride in the afternoon, I found Travis and Baxter. This is a daily routine for these two. Baxter loves to swing, so the two of them make a point of coming here every single afternoon. I think Baxter RULES!!

Later in the day we got a call from our friends Bob and Kathy Hughes. They came down from the hills of N. Carolina, before the snow decided to fall, and arrived in Tanglewood. Again this year they will be spending their winter in Sebring, Fl. We're sure to hook up with them before too long. Can't wait to see them again.

We also ran into El'nor - the Park Manager during the afternoon bike ride. A few days earlier we had purchased twoo green mats for the entrance to the pickelball courts. Work good to get the dirt and sand off the shoes before going on the courts. We also got a new Push Broom. We tried hard to get her to put some kind of indoor/outdoor or all weather carpet around the courts, but she said the money just was not in the budget. The fence around the court has been moved in, so most players are able to reach the balls without having to step into the wet dirt/sand. (Not sure who the maintainance guy is - but he sure does not know how to set a fence - no where near level or straight!) AND - the paint has been purchased. Now, those of you have been here know that there are yellow/orange lines on the court today. The lines on the courts are not the correct dimensions and unfortunately were burned into the court instead of painted. So they are difficult to cover. Originally they were going to stain the courts, but were unable to cover the lines. SOOOOOOOOOO the courts will be painted a bright ORANGE/GOLD color to cover the lines, and the new lines will be painted a very dark BLUE. They are also pruchasing what is called Tred Tex, which will be mixed in with the paint. So, safety on the court should be greatly improved. Tred Tex will put a little texture on the surface keeping it from being so slippery. No the courts won't be perfect, but they will be a little bit more safe! And we can still have FUN!

And on Saturday it was time to celebrate HALLOWEEN!

This pumkin, folks, is the only thing I could sneak out of the house to decorate for this fun holiday! But checking the other RV's in the park - only a few displayed their ghouls and goblins .

This was Beau's favorite holiday. He loved meeting the trick or treaters at the door. Happy Halloween Beaufrog!!!!

The day, like most other days, started at the PB courts. Rich took the morning off, so it was just Travis, Barb, Barry and Me at the courts. We played a few games and then Rich and Barb and I headed for the Meeting House to check out the cupcake decorating.

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We had fun with the kids. Mixing the food coloring into the frosting and trying to get the color we wanted was challenging. I don't think we ever figured out how to get BLACK!. The lady in the Light Blue blouse is Barb. She lives in Michigan, and spends her winters in Florida at Strawberry Ridge near Brandon. Last week she played with our group at home in MeadowPointe - this week she is in Peace River! We all had fun decorating (and eating) our cupcakes - and the daughter of one of the Rangers made up some pretty creepy Green Jello- decorated with spiders and bugs and things. Check out the pictures.

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Later in the day visitors enjoyed a HayRide around the Park, and that evening the kids went trick or treating. Not a lot of people in the park yet, but those of us who were here enjoyed the the day. While we did not attend, there was marshmellow roasing around the campfire at 8:00 pm that evening.
E V E R Y O N E!

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