Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pickleball and Lunch Buffett

Our friends Stan and Sally are currently RV'ing at Toby's down in Arcadia and would like to plan to spend the winter there next year. Only thing missing is Pickleball.........and we all know RV'ing and Pickelball are like PeanutButter and Jelly - One's just not the same without the other. Anyway - they want to introduce the game to the park. There is a very large tennis court in the park that the tennis players don't like to use. A little bit of work and it would make either two or four nice pickleball courts. So that people in the park could see what the game was all about, Buddy and John and Shelly went with us this morning to join Stan and Sally who had already chalked the lines on the court.

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Here are some pictures of Sally and Buddy playing Stan and Rich.
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So - of course we all had to pose for a final picture on the soon to be new pickleball courts. Not often that you see me in these pictures - I'm usually behind the camera. Thanks John for including me inthe group! We stopped in the office and left or business cards for the manager. We'll be in contact with him - try to advertise ahead of time for a fun demo and see if we can't get some courts installed.
You never travel away from home with a group of pickeball players without stopping for food!!! And today was no different. We all went to the DeSoto Restaurant in downtown Arcadia where they have a buffett lunch. Nice selection of food and a great price.

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