Monday, November 9, 2009

A mini clinic at Torrey Oaks, and the nets go up to finish the courts.

Everyone was ready to play a little pickleball this morning, but we wanted to make sure the courts were completely dryso we headed up to Torrey Oaks to play. Rich had mentioned that he would be setting up a video and doing a clinic here in the not too distant future. Harry and Karen are leaving the park on Thursday and Keith and Marie will follow on Sunday - so they wanted the chance to get a little training before they left. Rich gave them the video (21 Clinics by Coach MO) to watch. Marie came back the next morning and asked when Rich could do his clinic and Monday seemed to be the best day.
We arrived at Torrey Oaks just after 8:00am, and Richard, one of the Torrey Oaks residents came over to join in on the training. The class lasted about 2 hours and Rich left the group with several drills to work on to improve their games.
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Here's a picture of all the students with their 'teacher' for the day. Afterwards, despite the winds (and it was VERY VERY windy; definately a bad hair day) - we played a few games to practice what we learned and then headed back to PR.

Over the past couple of weeks we've had a chance to listen to Buddy practice for his "jam session" Primarily country music, Buddy sings and plays the guitar. He and his partner are scheduled for jam sessions, including Kareoke at a couple of the neightboring parks and will be doing them here in Peace River on Tuesday evenings. Ya'll stop by! He headed out this afternoon for his first session and returned in time to help put the nets back up on the courts.
What da'ya think? Look pretty good don't they!! Tomorrow - provided hurricane IDA does not send rain our way - we will Christen the courts at 8:00 am. Posted by Picasa


  1. Hope we get a few games in bfore we go home, we will be there the first two weeks in

  2. Looking mighty fine from out here in California. We'll be trying them out for 3 weeks in March. Chris is finally back where she belongs too! Blog looks great, Donna!