Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saying Goodbye AGAIN!!!

It was a bit nippy on Friday morning, but Keith and Marie were back on the courts. Only four or five of us out this morning, so we didn't play for a real long time, but we had fun. We were heading for Sun City Center on Saturday, and they were pulling out on Sunday, so they invited us over for dinner that evening. Fo those of you who don't know - Keith (aka Chef R) is a Chef and Marie says he "loves to cook" for people. The two of them had a catering service at one time, and Keith taught this culinary art for several years. It was such an amusing story to hear how he acquired the name of Chef R ! And of course - we asked the same question I'm sure a lot of people do when they meet him. But while Hell's Kitchen may be a reality show, Keith says it is very much like the real deal. OH MY!!

Here's Keith busy at the stove and Marie fixing me a white russion with their 'home made' Kahlua! Needless to say it was 'wonderful'.

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Marie snapped this shot of Rich as Keith decorated the table with an array of food, sure to please any pallet.

This, my friends, was absolutely delicious. They were both probably getting tired of the two of reapeating this phrase so many times, but it was excellent. These golden pastry shells are filled with lobster, scallops and shrimp..............then toppedwith creamy seafood sauce and
Mmmmmmmmmm - Superb! Baby red potatoes, and a vegetable of mixed peas/carrots rounded out the meal. AND THEN - the warm Tapioca Pudding!!!
We truly enjoyed having the opportunity to spend time and get to know Keith and Marie better. Or previous meeting a couple of years ago was a quick one on the pickleball courts in Orlando. Not only did they provide this absolutely wonderful dinner, they gave us a bottle of their homemade Kahlua. Thank you Both.
And of course - you all know that we are animal lovers, so we want you to know that Nala got a sufficient amount of our attention.
Keith - Maybe one day we'll have that 'mixed generation' pickleball match. You and your son, against Rich and Denny. Denny - if you're reading this - you better get your butt back out there on the courts before we get there!!!
In the meantime, Keith and Marie will head for Texas - but perhaps we'll meet up with them and Harry and Karen this summer in PA.

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