Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Hour at the Redneck Castle

Jack and Diane returned to Peace River from Orlando on Thursday. As much as Diane LOVES her Happy Hours - I was surprised she was able to hold off until Saturday to host the first one.

But at 4:oo on Saturday afternoon, the crew started to arive with food and drinks and chairs and BIG smiles- ready to enjoy the evening.

As usual the food was delicious and included pepper steak and noodles, crackers, cheese, sausage and pepperoni, bagle bites, chips and salsa, fruit salad etc. etc.....

Here are all the folks that were there along with Rich and I.

These two really need no introduction......You've seen our hosts for the night on this blog many times already..........the perfect Host and Hostess!

Kevin and Linda have played pickleball before, but not for a while, and we're trying to get them back on the courts. Kevin is an excellent pool player and Rich really enjoys when he comes over the the club house to play.

Our Canadian friends..........Heinz - always the joker has such a great sense of humor. Picked up some great cooking ideas for the pressure cooker from Renata at the courts.......

Kathy and John are parked right in front of the pickleball courts. Kathy is new to the game. Just met these two for the first time a few days ago.

Just met Tom and Karen for the first time a few days ago as well. They too just arrived from Orlando. Karen is a very good pickleball player, and we hope to see Tom on the courts soon.

Again- if you've been following this blog you alreaady met Shelly and John a few times.

It was a surprise to see Stan and Sally. They drove up from Toby's in Arcadia to join the Happy Hour!!!Posted by Picasa
Click on picture to enlarge- Use Back arrow to return to this page. Here's some group shots of casual conversation, people meeting new friends, everyone preparing to eat.........and Diane getting the food list prepared for Thanksgiving Dinner for the group next Saturday!!
As for this picture - It speaks for itself............

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But the dinner and white lightening did not end the evening. Tom and Karen brought the ladder ball /monkey ball game and ladies and men took on some competition. Thank goodness the traffic in the park was light that evening. The balls were flying, and sometimes all the way across the road!!! Jack had Rich playing some game on paper connecting the dots, but we really had to put on the thinking caps when John began to draw in the sand saying......
Everybody listen...........
The Moon is Round
It has two eyes, a nose and a mouth.
Now you do it!
Almost everyone tried and got it WRONG.........But I figured it out.
Sorry - can't give away John's secret !!

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