Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Saying Goodbye to New Friends......

Just a small get together tonight at our place to say goodbye to Harry and Karen. While we had met them and Keith and Marie a year or so ago, we never got a chance to really get to know each other. Over the past week, we've had some good times at the pickleball courts, and happy hours. Harry and Karen leave tomorrow morning, and we probably won't meet up again until this summer when we pass through PA.. Keith and Marie will be gone tomorrow but back on the courts Friday and Saturday before they leave on Sunday.

It rained this morning, so no one was on the courts. Rich left for Sun City Center to meet up with his doubles partner for practice, and the rain held off for them. The sky looked pretty threatening most of the day but it didn't rain and spoil or evening affair!! Actually, until the mosquitos arrived at dusk, the evening was very pleasant.

Harry, Keith, Rich and Buddy - The guys took the back corner. Sorry to say that Brenda was not feeling well, so wasn't able to join us tonight. We were glad to see Buddy though . He fixed Brenda a nice plate of food before he left, and promised to tell her how much she was missed.

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I don't think Harry likes the camera!! I just can't seem to get him to face me when I point and shoot!! Although it looks like whatever Keith is talking about, has got his full attention.

In the meantime - the ladies circle the area to grab a few more pictures. Marie however, stops long enough to give me her best smile and a big "HI There!"
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Karen, Marie - Here's that soft focus feature in Picasa that we discussed tonight. Great picture of you two.
And then there was food! (And I almost got Harry to look at the camera). We feasted on meatballs, ham/cheese roll-ups, cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, shrimp salad finger sandwitches and deviled eggs. Marie made her excellent chocolate fudge, and Karen some delicious peanut brittle.
We'll miss you guys !!

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