Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Progress on the Pickleball Courts

Rich, Gary, Dick and Buddy arrive early Friday morning to paint the courts. You can tell it's early - Rich is not yet ready to let go of that morning cup of java!!

Dick, Budd and Gary seem to have synchronized their strokes! Better than half way done.
Gary opens another 5 gallon pail and mixes in the Tred Tex, which keeps the surface from being so slippery. When we paint, we usually don't use anything bigger than a gallon - so the stir stick works fine. This drill worked great for mixing!

Watching the guys as they neared the finish line was a treat. A couple more strokes to your left Buddy and you will have Gary completely surrounded with green!!
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Did anyone leave us a way out????

Posted by PicasaAnd as the guys were finishing up, Elnor stopped by to inspect their work. A quick second coat tomorrow morning then the lines go down and the nets go up and we'll be ready to PLAY!!!

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  1. Looking mighty fine. Great job you guys! Wonder if Rich can drink coffee while playing pickleball? ;)