Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Pickleball Friends arrive - More work on the courts.

The Happy Hour and Monkey Ball Golf over, Sunday meant more of our picklebll friends arriving at Peace River. Stan and Sally left Arcadia and arrived early morning. In the 5th wheel directly behind him was Travis. A little later that day Bruce and Gena arrived. So on Monday morning we had a good group of players enjoying our new courts.

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Even Baxter came out to watch this morning - I think we'll dub him our official pickleball mascot.

As more and more players come into the park - morning play just doesn't seem to be sufficient for many of them. Several days ago, while over in Sebring, Dick picked up 10 ft. of aluminum. The lights that are currently at the courts are really more like street lights, and unfortunately do not provide enough light for night play. Our hope was that we could place them strategically behind the lights in hopes that it would allow the light to reflect further on the courts.

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After cutting the sheets, Rich, Dick, Jack and Stan along with ladder and drill arrived at the courts and set to work. You all know how pickleball players can be creative right? Well Stan wanted to be able to turn on the lights earlier, so with tin snips he proceeded to cut up four soda cans and placed them atop each light covering the sensor!!!!
And VOILA!!!!!
Well................not really - If you look at the pictures above ( that Gena and Stan on the left and Austin and Buddy onthe righ) you'll see that there really still is not enough light to play. Since then Rich and Stan went looking for and pricing some different lights. We're going to see if Peace River will cover the cost!!

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