Friday, June 20, 2014

Enjoying Black Lake........

Sunday, Father's Day, was our first full day.  Unlike yesterday, when we first arrived, it was a beautiful day.  In the morning we still needed our jacket or sweatshirt, but by mid day the sun was glistening over the water and it was a perfect day for fishing.

A little history - Black Lake is located in upstate NY, not far from the Saint Lawrence River/Alexandria Bay, Thousand Islands, and just a few miles from the Canadian Border.  When our son was young (probably 35 years ago) we visited this area many many summers.   My nephew, the same age as Denny, often traveled with us.  At that time we had a 13 ft travel trailer, then a truck camper with an extended bumper and a 14 ft row boat!!!   We put the row boat on the car and towed the trailer.  Then we upgraded to a 15 ft Marquis Runabout/open bow and towed that behind the truck camper.    Or we sometimes stayed in one of the cabins at Camp Whippoorwill where there was no indoor plumbing, just an outhouse!   But we have some great memories..... it's where we first learned to water ski, and where we could catch enough crappie or frogs for dinner any day.   There is no Camp Whippoorwill anymore - so we are located a bit further north on the lake.

We actually went out fishing twice on Sunday.  In the afternoon and again about 6:30 or 7:00.  Below Rich takes us out for the first time. .......

We moved around to several different areas, trying to find where the fish were biting.  Rich caught the first fish - a very very small perch!  I had a nice small mouth bass on the line, but I guess  I didn't have him hooked real good.  When he broke the water's surface and jumped ...... I lost him!!!  But my "official" first fist was a small catfish.  At the end of the day  we had caught a total of 10 fish.....a  couple of Sunny and Bluegill, Crappie and Rich caught a small mouth bass.  Nothing worth keeping.  But we had fun!

While on the lake, I took a minute to take a couple of shots of the lake and shoreline.   The top left picture is a shot of where we are staying, Rogers Camps.  Black Lake is full of small islands, and the picture on the bottom right is a small one that we fished along side of most of the day. And of course - we always have our "rednecks"!   Want to stay out of the sun while you're fishing?  Use an umbrella!!

 And since this was Father's Day we Extend a Happy Father's Day!    This was my wish to Rich.......

Below are the fathers in our family.   Top left is Rich's Dad.  Bottom Left is my Dad.  We have such fond memories and miss them both.  Top left is our Son, Dennis with grand kids, Chauna and Dalton.    And Bottom left is Dad/Rich with son Dennis.  We could not be more proud of Dennis and his family and his accomplishments, and his family values.    The best father's day gift is yet to come.  Dennis, Crystal and the kids will be here at the lake Saturday!  

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