Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Final Leg - PA to Hammond, NY/Black Lake

Saturday would be the last leg of our trip north.  We didn't need a real early start today, so we relaxed and had morning coffee with Deiter and Helen before saying our goodbyes.  It was about 8:15 when we pulled out and headed for Black Lake in Hammond, NY.

Columbia Crossroads/Sayre, PA is located just a few miles across the NY/PA state line.  So once again, this area reminded me so much of when we lived here.  Our home was less than an hour from here in the little town of Beaver Dams, NY.  We had 5 acres of land, with our home located in the hollow between to hills.  So Rich could go up the hill out back to hunt, and in the winter we could watch the deer walking through the trees on the snow covered hills.  

Below are a few pictures of familiar areas.  Rich's mom lived just a few blocks from the Chemung River, and when Hurricane Agnes passed in 1972, the river flooded and her home had water two feet from the second floor.   And as we traveled US 17 East ( the road Rich traveled every day to work in Binghamton) we passed the Lounsberry Truck Stop, where we often stopped to eat.  Great home cooking and the best Strawberry Shortcake in the area.

We continued along US 17E to Owego where we picked up US 69 and 37 N which would take us to Dryden and Cortland and on to 81 N.  As we passed through Dryden they were having a parade, which meant the main roads were closed.  We had to detour ONE block before our exit  - and to make a LONG story short we were delayed on back roads for about 45 minutes!   We finally found 81 and traveled north through Syracuse and then Watertown where we stopped for a late breakfast at Bob Evans!  This time however our eggs were well done, and the toast crumbled when you touched it!  We did complain (nicely) and they did not charge us at all for the meal.

We stopped at Walmart to pick up enough groceries for a day or so and about 35 miles later we pulled into Rogers Old Oak Cabins on Black Lake.  Below is a view as we arrived and the fire pit that is available to everyone staying here.  Our little Cabin #5  with a view of the lake and the boat we would be using for our daily fishing trips.

When we decided to come to Black Lake we knew that we would probably be "roughing" it for our duration - but this was a  little more "rough" than we had anticipated.  It was probably better than 30 years since we'd vacationed here at Camp Whippoorwill each summer with our Son - when he was still in grammar school!   This cabin DOES have inside plumbing and a Window Air Conditioner - but other than that it could be the same cabin we stayed in many years ago.   It's like going back in time!!!

Below is the inside.............The kitchen cupboards have curtains for doors....... as do the bedrooms.  And the living room is on the glass/screened porch, as is the bathroom.  The bathroom has a REAL door. 

We had debated the rest of the day whether or not we wanted to stay, look for another place, stay for just a week, since we had paid our deposit........... Denny and the family were scheduled to come in for three or four days - would they be satisfied?  We really wanted to see the kids - so as long as he wanted to come we would stay  - for at least two weeks.  By the next day, the weather was much nicer and things looked a lot better...........and we decided we'd stay as planned.   

We made a quick trip just down the road to the Bait Shop - so we could go fishing on Sunday.  I am going to snap some pictures of some of these old country farm houses/barns when I get a chance - but on this trip we saw the Amish with their carriage riding along the road in the rain. 

And our first meal at the cabin?  Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Chicken Noodle Soup.   Not used to this cold weather. We were in pants and  jackets/sweatshirts.  

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  1. I am not commenting every post, but I am loving reading all of this. So glad you are having a wonderful time!