Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week One Cont.....

On Thursday we made a trip into Alexandria Bay to stock up on some groceries for the week.   Ned's General Store here in Hammond is more of a  Deli/Pizza/Sub Shop with some snacks, ice cream, a few canned goods, essentials etc.  The nearest grocery store of any size is about 19 miles away in Alexandria Bay.

It was a nice drive on a nice day.........And once again, the scenery was great especially the large farms and old houses.  Actually I did not even realize that there was a horse in the front of one house ( first picture/bottom)

This is just absolutely beautiful country.

The Big M Supermarket is in a tiny plaza, with a Mobile Gas Station ( $3.89/gallon!!) and a liquor store.  And at the stop light at the corner is the entrance to the Bay and Thousand Islands area - where I hope the whole family will be able to enjoy in a few days.

Back when we used to travel here in the summers - we were travelling along Route 12 (upper right in photo above).  And Denny - you should remember this particular area.  We had the aluminum row boat tied on top of the car.  A large tractor trailer was on the opposite side of the road - heading toward us  We were between the rocks ledges on both sides when  as the truck sped by the boat flew off the top of the car.  Behind us was a father and daughter on a motorcycle!  The boat landed in front of them, they rode the bike INTO the boat and off the highway.  God was certainly with us that day as no one was hurt at all.

We headed out to fish later in the afternoon/evening. and that night we caught absolutely NOTHING!

We were fishing with minnows this time and I actually caught on to TWO very large fish and fought them under the boat, until they BROKE my line.  Rich checked my pole a little later and determined that the drag was not set properly, so he adjusted it...........Next time they won't get away!

 We saw the sky was getting darker and waited just a little to long before we headed  back.

Krystal.....remember that day we did a day trip  from The Villages, and both got soaked?  Well that was how I felt!   Dripping!\

Friday was pretty nippy most of the day.  But I did manage to capture a few more pictures of the geese and birds that frequent the front yard.

Later in the afternoon it was really quite pleasant out and we headed out in the boat.   Tonight Rich was hitting on a lot, losing a lot of bait.  But he did bring in a Sunny, 1/12 Perch ( one of those that you get to the boat, and hope they fall off ) and a nice bass about 11 inches.   ME?  I use that same minnow from the time we got there until we left.  I thought I was going back with nothing again today, but I did bring in a nice perch ( about 10 inches) before we called it a day.

Fish Count at the end of Week 1........

Rich - 15 1/2
Donna -  14 1/2

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  1. You have so much for me to catch up on! :) Yes, you do looked soaked like we were that day. It really is so beautiful there.