Friday, June 20, 2014

Week One - Black Lake

Now we're starting to settle in.  Rich is still keeping up with the Market some during the day, but we've been out fishing at least once every day.  What is hard to get used to are these LONG days.  Each morning we think it's time to get's light out, but it's only 5:00 AM.  And it does not get dark until nearly 9:00.    We're keeping track of who catches how many fish........ And by the end of day Wednesday .......

Donna - 13 1/2 Fish Caught
 ( I didn't get the one perch all the way in.  Hit the side of the boat and it fell off! - so that's 1/2 Right?)
ONE nice bass that got away!

Rich  - 12 Fish Caught
ONE bass (bigger than mine) that got away!

It's been so nice out this first week that I've been able to get some nice pictures of the local wildlife. (just like being home!).    Saw these duck along the rock ledge when we were out in the boat and then again from the window in the cabin swimming in front of the docks.  Actually these are Canada Geese.  Their black neck and head and white cheeks make them easy to recognize.  We've also seen them flying in very long strings in a V formation.

We were not sure at first what kind of bird this was.  We thought it looked like a blue heron, but did not think we would see them this far north.  I checked and the Blue Heron is definitely a NY bird.

And I love this one.   First we saw just one peek out, and then there were two.  Chipmunks!  They are so cute.  They have a little hole dug along side the cabin - so must be their house is right under ours!

And how big is Hammond, NY?   The size of Hammond is 77.9 square miles of which 66.2 is land and 15.7 is water.   And below is a picture of Main St. CR 37 in downtown Hammond.   Made a quick trip into town to the genera store...........which does not carry very much at all.......... The closest grocery store is about 20 miles - into Alexandria Bay.    Many of the buildings in town are vacant.  The general store is on the bottom left.

While they do not have a very big variety of groceries, they do have a delicatessen, and offer hot and cold subs, daily specials like fish fry and lasagna, pizza, calzones and stromboli......

Tomorrow will be a trip to Alexandria Bay to stock up on some food!!!!

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