Thursday, June 26, 2014

Family Trip to Alexandria Bay and Boldt Castle

We wanted to take time over the next couple of days to make a short trip into Alexandria Bay.  Rain was in the forecast for Tuesday - so we decided to do lunch in Alexandria and then take the boat out to Bolt Castle on Monday.

We arrived in Alexandria Bay around lunch time and stopped at the Chez Paris Diner.  Trip Advisor gives it 4 stars, our food was not bad............. but definitely not 4 starts.    Rich ordered strawberry pancakes that came about 10 minutes before the rest of us got our meal.   Chauna had chicken fingers, Crystal a BLT, Dalton a Burger and Denny the Beef Barbecue.  I had a fish sandwich that was very good, but the slaw was very very dry.

We all got a kick out of the waitress. She was a little strange........ She asked what we wanted to drink and if we were ready to order - and then decided that since we were not ready to order she'd come back and get drinks and order at the same time...........and left the table.    And at no time did she ask if we wanted a refill for our drinks after we were served.   She was NOT going to listen or give anyone a chance to complain.  A couple at a table near us tried.  The guy said " these fries are...." and she would not let him finish.  She finished his sentence by saying  "perfectly done and they look beautiful, and I did not let them sit, I brought them out as soon as they were set out"...... and then told him they could leave.  And they did.    A little later when she came to our table and our plates were about empty she said.........".Well - I guess there was no problem with YOUR food......... "  We left happy and with our bellies full and chuckled about her manner

A couple of blocks away was Uncle Sam's Boat Tours so we parked and walked.  Lots of little shops, but the guys are not shoppers, so pictures is about all I got.

Uncle Sam's Boat Tours offers several different boating options, but today we were just going to the castle.  The boat leaves every 1/2 hour, so we waited only about 5 minutes before we were on board the shuttle.  You can see the castle from the shore so it was just a short ride.....but we managed to get a seat in the front where we could get a good view.

Below are more pictures of visit........ The first one is just some shots of the grounds.  They are beautiful and well maintained.

 The outside of the castle............. with little to no restoration.......

 The first couple of floors have had a lot of restoration done -but they provide pictures as you tour of what the original looked like - trying to keep the decor/atmosphere much the same. The stair case is massive and the stained glass in the bottom left is at the very top (roof) as you look up from the ground floor to the top floor.

And finally some "family photos" ..........

Would we go back again?   Probably not.  I loved the beauty and history of the place - but I'm not so sure the rest of the group did.  If you were to ask Dalton and Chauna if they enjoyed the trip - I'm sure they would say yes without hesitation......but I know they were a lot more excited about getting back to the lake for more fishing!  

A quick stop at the grocery store and it was back to the Rogers Oak Camps.

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