Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From Iowa to Black Lake, NYI

On Saturday, we awaited the arrival of our Son, Dennis and his family.   Such a long time since we've  had the opportunity to spend some quality time together.  This was only going to be a short visit; they would arrive Saturday evening and leave the following Wednesday morning.

The four of them left Davenport, IA before 6:00 am on Saturday morning and were on their 14 hour journey to meet up with us here at Black Lake.    Rich and I did get out and do a little fishing during the day; nothing to brag about!  Rich caught three small bass ( one just a fingerling) and I got one small Shell cracker and 2 very small fingerling bass.    After dinner I baked a Spice Cake with butter cream frosting and boiled some red potatoes and eggs for a potato salad.   This would allow me to spend time with the family instead of cooking the next day.

FINALLY - Just before dark.............about 9:00 PM they pulled in safely - everyone, including us wearing great big SMILES.

We had the cabin all opened and lights on for them when they arrived and after hugs and smiles..... helped them to unpack and get settled in.   Their cabin is much bigger than the one we are in, with a double bed in one bedroom, two twin beds in the second and bunk beds in the third.   We showed them the cabin we were in and then just sat and talked for a while.  We left them to relax, and get some sleep after their long trip and made plans to meet in the morning.

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  1. They are such a beautiful family. I can't get over how BIG the grandkids are! Looks like you have a wonderful visit with them. We miss you!