Sunday, June 15, 2014

From SC to Jefferson/Crumpler, NC - Day TWO

We are already on Day Six and I am just now documenting Day TWO!  I guess that's a real good sign that we are having way too much fun and that we're way too tired in the evening to get on the computer.  Well we really are enjoying our adventure so far.

 On Tuesday morning we left Orangeburg, SC at 9:38 A.M.    It was going to be a short trip today, only about 4 hours and we would be at the home of our friends Bob and Kathy Hughes.

We met Bob and Kathy about 4 or 5 years ago at the Thousand Trails RV Park in Wauchula, Fl.

The following winter we spent with them in Sebring, FL at the Tanglewood/Outback RV Park.

Then they sold their RV and now spend year round in either Jefferson or Crumpler NC at their Mountain Homes!

We stopped just once for lunch at Arby's and enjoyed the beauty of the trip the rest of the time.  It's been a long time since we've been this far north of Florida.  And I said to Rich, that I was enjoying the sights way too much......that he might regret bringing me north again.   Below is a shot of the mountains in the distance while on US 77......and the two at the bottom were taken as we headed up the mountain along NC 16.   We had told Kathy we would call her when we were on 16, since we'd be about 1/2 hour or so from their house.  BUT - my phone would not pick up a signal!  And so for the next couple of days I would be without a phone.

We arrived at their cabin in Crumpler just after 2:30.  They looked great!  Had not changed a bit since we last saw them.  Then we got the tour............  Bob and Kathy have been trying for years to get us to visit. This place is amazing!  First though - we remembered that Bob's hobby is working with metal.   These next few pictures of some of his unique landscaping creations. 

First on the agenda was to show us around the property.  So Kathy and I went on one golf cart with Bob and Rich on the other.  That is the New River, the second oldest River in the world ( the Nile is the oldest).  Even in the picture you can see how crystal clear the water is.  Beautiful!

That was just the front yard.  Below, as we head back, you'll see the neighbors cabin on the left.  The grey garage size building is Bob's workshop.  The guest house, where we will be staying (not in this picture).  In the center of the picture is the driveway that goes up the hill to Bob and Kathy's cabin. 

Below is the cabin at the top of the hill, the view looking down from their cabin.  Part way up the hill is a path that goes off to the left where they keep all their canoes.  And the picture on the bottom right is a view from the back of their cabin, where they patch continues up the hill. 

Now I'll take you inside Bob and Kathy's cabin.  My camera does NOT do this place justice at all.  It is so incredibly decorated. Really should be in a magazine!

Below is the cute little guest house where we would spend the next couple of days.  This used to be a garage.  The beautiful sliding glass doors now replace the garage doors, and inside the bedroom, bathroom and laundry area are additions.   The top two pictures are the view from the windows.

The inside is just as nice.  Very cleverly decorated........very homey......very comfortable.

Bob and Kathy are such great hosts........leaving us water and soda and beer, and even snacks and food for lunch. And since our phone could get no signal, they left us a walkie talkie to keep in touch.

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  1. What an incredible place! It looks like you are having a wonderful time so far!