Sunday, June 8, 2014

Early Birthday Surprise..........

These past few days Rich and I have been getting some last minute things taken care of, like the 30,000 mile oil change and new tires, yard work and tree/shrub trimming and finalizing the  to-do and packing lists.  We'll be heading out for a vacation on Black Lake in just a few days.  Not a long stay, but long enough that we need a sitter for the indoor plants.  They need watering twice a week. 


So on Saturday, Nick and Tonyia came over.............   We planned a cookout; nothing fancy, just some grilled polish sausage and potato salad. Tonyia brought along a bottle of Riley's White Chocolate Liquor which we enjoyed along with a few snacks while we played a couple of games of Mexican Train.  The sausage was absolutely delicious!  Great job Rich!    I had fried up some onions and peppers which were the perfect topping.    A little while after dinner, we had dessert.  I know that Tonyia had brought a cake - but what I didn't know was that it was a Birthday Cake.   My birthday is not until Wednesday, but since we will be away, they decided to celebrate a few days early. 

 What great friends! 

And when they left, they packed the back of the truck with our plants from the sun room. 

 The room looks SO empty without them - but we know that they are in good hands while we're gone.  

Today, Sunday - we got the car almost packed.  Checked the list twice to make sure we forgot nothing!.  Hopefully - we'll be on our way early Monday morning.

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